Drink water all day.

Lunch: whole wheat pasta, with olive oil and garlic, a couple of slices of chicken, peas, and parmesan cheese, an orange

Snack: chocolate covered ice cream bar (magnum bars are just too tempting too try just once)

Dinner: corned beef sandwich, on Trader Joe’s whole wheat pita bread, blue berries, grapes, and cheddar cheese rice snacks



Drink water all day.

Breakfast: shredded wheat cereal in Chobani greek style apple cinnamon yogurt

Lunch: Chicken sandwich on Trader Joe’s whole wheat pita bread (100% soy free!), with yogurt sauce, banana, lay’s potato chips

Snack: El milagro tortilla chips

Dinner: whole wheat pasta with meat sauce (ground beef and bertoli tomato sauce) with peas, brownie


Drink water all day.

Breakfast: Banana, 4 crackers (365 brand Stoneground Whole Wheat Crackers from Whole Foods)

Lunch: Spaghetti with tomato sauce (Bertolli makes sauce without soy!) and mozzarella cheese, 1 brownie

Dinner: Salad, with 1/2 a chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, yogurt dressing



This is normally what I eat on most days, so this blog will be very boring.

Drink only water all day.


Whole Foods English Muffin with butter (trying out the “Smart Balance” Butter & Canola Oil blend with Omega-3s from Fish oil)


Chicken Sandwich: 2 slices of Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat bread (some only have soy lecithin in it which is not supposed to cause an allergic reaction), 1/2 a chicken sliced, lettuce, carrots, and yogurt sauce, Lay’s potato chips, Banana


2 pieces of breaded cod (“Starfish” Crispy Battered, Gluten Free), yogurt sauce, salad with yogurt sauce for dressing, blueberries,  a brownie (recipe in the link made with trader joe’s graham crackers instead of cookies, no toppings, use parchment paper instead of wax paper)


When I do include a brand, I am doing so to help people with food allergies find packaged food that they may be able to eat but do not know about yet. I am not being paid to endorse any brands or write this blog.




Only drank water all day.


Whole Foods brand English Muffin with Butter

1 cup of Chobani Apple and Cinnamon, Greek style, Yogurt

A handful of cherries

A chocolate covered ice cream bar

Afternoon Snack:

1 banana


1 chicken breast

Bowl of Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepers) with a teaspoon of my Mom’s homemade yogurt dressing


To make homemade yogurt dressing: mix 1 cup of plain yogurt with garlic, favorite spices, olive oil, honey (or balsamic vinegar) as you like.

Link to highlight about weight loss

The USDA has a great website to help one plan meals and count calories. Obesity has been on the rise in the United States for many years. We tend to eat too much and not exercise enough. As someone with food allergies, I find that I do eat less junk food than the average American, just because I can’t eat a lot of packaged goods. This does help to keep my weight down. However, I can easily see myself eating too much of the chips or ice cream that I can eat but could easily avoid, while not exercising much. This can lead to weight gain. Some days, I even think that the 2000 calorie allowance is way too much for me at 5 ft. tall. I definitely eat under 1500 calories a day and some days only 1000. Eliminating soft drinks, coffee, and juice, and only drinking water does eliminate a lot of calories. So do check out this site from the USDA to see how many calories you can eliminate, just by cutting some of the snacks and junk food from your diet, or cutting the portion size that you normally eat if you are overeating. Someone once told me that our stomach is only the size of our fist, and eating more than that could lead to a large amount of weight gain. Although, eating that little sometimes seems to be not enough for me, it is a good rule of thumb for over eaters as a guide to decrease portion sizes.