Losing Weight

Since my diet is pretty boring and you get the picture, I will not be continuing this part of my blog. I just didn’t want to keep posting it on my food allergy blog autoallergic.wordpress.com.

Check out Matt Weil’s blog about how he decided to lose weight and has been successful at it: http://midnightprogress.blogspot.com/.


Link to highlight about weight loss

The USDA has a great website to help one plan meals and count calories. Obesity has been on the rise in the United States for many years. We tend to eat too much and not exercise enough. As someone with food allergies, I find that I do eat less junk food than the average American, just because I can’t eat a lot of packaged goods. This does help to keep my weight down. However, I can easily see myself eating too much of the chips or ice cream that I can eat but could easily avoid, while not exercising much. This can lead to weight gain. Some days, I even think that the 2000 calorie allowance is way too much for me at 5 ft. tall. I definitely eat under 1500 calories a day and some days only 1000. Eliminating soft drinks, coffee, and juice, and only drinking water does eliminate a lot of calories. So do check out this site from the USDA to see how many calories you can eliminate, just by cutting some of the snacks and junk food from your diet, or cutting the portion size that you normally eat if you are overeating. Someone once told me that our stomach is only the size of our fist, and eating more than that could lead to a large amount of weight gain. Although, eating that little sometimes seems to be not enough for me, it is a good rule of thumb for over eaters as a guide to decrease portion sizes.