Losing Weight

Since my diet is pretty boring and you get the picture, I will not be continuing this part of my blog. I just didn’t want to keep posting it on my food allergy blog autoallergic.wordpress.com.

Check out Matt Weil’s blog about how he decided to lose weight and has been successful at it: http://midnightprogress.blogspot.com/.



Breakfast- Graham Crackers (Trader Joe’s Brand)

Lunch- whole wheat spaghetti, with tomato sauce, ground beef and parmesan cheese

Dinner- 2 pieces of gluten free breaded cod, mixed vegetables

drink water all day.

Walked for 20 min.


Lunch: a bowl of chicken and rice soup (Campbell’s Select Harvest soup has no soy in it, but the regular soup does have soy in it.) whole wheat crackers

Snack: corn bread crackers

Dinner: 2 pieces of gluten free batter cod (brand was mentioned in previous post), a serving of mixed vegetables, cheddar cheese rice snacks

drink water all day.

Alternating between running and walking for 1/2 mile.


Breakfast- Chobani Apple and cinnamon Greek style yogurt

Lunch-Starbuck’s Tomato and Mozzerella Panini, banana, Fit and Active 100 calorie snack pack

Dinner- Steak, carrots and green beans, corn bread crackers



Lunch: corned beef sandwich, on whole wheat pita for bread, orange, Fit and Active 100 calorie snack pack

Dinner: salad and chicken, cornbread crackers

snack: tortilla chips



Drink water all day.

Lunch: Baked potato with tomato sauce and cheese, brownie

Snack: cornbread crackers

Dinner: whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, a couple of slices of chicken, parmesan cheese, salad, italian ice



Drink water.

Lunch: whole wheat pasta, with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, an orange

Snack: Fit and Active 100 Calorie Snack Pack

Dinner: chicken breast, 1/2 a baked potato with butter, salad with homemade yogurt dressing